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Unfortunately we are out of stock except in Australia until around February 2022. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We have delays in delivery and manufacturing processes. If in Australia you can still order from Amazon. However stock is also very limited and is expected to run out by January 2022. All stock is likely to return to normal levels by February 2022.

For orders outside of Australia, there is a 6 months supply minimum order due to increasing costs to securely post international orders from Australia since COVID-19 restrictions began. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to resume single orders in the future.

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For more information on how to use sleepYstrip®

The SleepYstrip® Guide to Mouth Taping (1529 KB)

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sleepYstrip® is a simple adhesive patch designed to help you breathe better while you sleep

sleepYstrip® may assist with

  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Dry Mouth
  • Better Sleep
  • Optimal cell oxygen levels
  • Increased Energy

Not suitable for children under 5

sleepYstrip® - Breathe your way to better health

Join the sleepYstrip® better breathing revolution today.
Breathe easy, sleep well.

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